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3-(Methylthio)propionaldehyde - CAS 3268-49-3

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    3-(Methylthio)propionaldehyde - CAS 3268-49-3 (3-甲硫基丙醛)
    Name 3-(Methylthio)propionaldehyde
    Synonyms  3-methylthiopropanal ; 3-methylsulfanylpropanal;
    MeSCH2CH2CHO; 4-Thiapentanal;
    3-(Methylmercapto)propionaldehyde (3-(Methylthio)propanal;
    CAS Registry Number 3268-49-3
    FEMA 2747
    EINECS 221-882-5
    CB Number CB5305315
    MDL Number MFCD00007022
    JECFA Number 466
    RTECS Number UE2285000
    CHINA HS Number 29309070
    InChI: 1S/C4H8OS/c1-6-4-2-3-5/h3H,2,4H2,1H3
    Molecular Formula  C4H8OS
    Molecular Weight  104.171
    Purity 98.00%
    Appearance colorless to amber liquid with an extremely foul and persistent odor
    Density 1.05
    Boiling Point 165-166ºC (11 torr)
    Melting Point -68ºC
    Storage 2-8ºC
    Vapor Density >1 (vs air)
    Vapor Pressure 760 mm Hg ( 165 °C)
    Safety Statements S26-S37/39